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Norman Redhead friend of the Trust for many years and ex-Trustree is to retire in late February. Norman has spent 28 years providing archaeological planning advice for the ten Local Planning Authorities of Greater Manchester. During this he also managed the Historic Environment Record, including delivery of a major Historic Landscape Characterisation project, and promoted community engagement and research. Spent 4 years as County Archaeologist and Director of Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit (GMAU) prior to becoming Director of the Greater Manchester Archaeological Advisory Service at the University of Salford in 2012.. This a recent email from Norman

Dear All

JS43005951After looking after Greater Manchester's archaeology for 30 years I am taking early retirement at the end of this month. My last working day is Friday 26th February.


The University of Salford has now replaced the post of Senior Planning Archaeologist (vacated when Andy Myers retired at the end of last year).  Ben Dyson is the new Senior Planning Archaeologist. He has extensive experience of delivering archaeological projects in Greater Manchester and beyond. Ben started on Monday and we now have his contact details set up:


Ben Dyson BA MLitt ACIfA

T: +44(0) 0161 295 6917  /  07851 265250
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  /


I am working closely with Ben to ensure a smooth transition on planning consultation responses to make sure archaeological interests in Greater Manchester continue to be protected through the planning system. 


Ian Miller will be taking up the position of Lead Archaeologist for GMAAS from the 1st March (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Many of you will know Ian who has given many public lectures and who has managed scores of projects in Greater Manchester over the last 20 years, including significant strategic projects such as the GM Textile Mills Survey. He is a nationally recognised expert on industrial heritage. He has led excavations on many Roman sites (including Wigan Roman Bath House) and is also an expert on medieval ceramics in the NW. Again, I will be working with Ian to ensure a smooth transition and will be briefing him on various projects going forward. Ian and Ben bring great knowledge and passion to their roles and, with Lesley Dunkley, our Historic Environment Record Officer, put GMAAS in a strong position for the future.


normanI will not be disappearing and will continue my interest in GM's archaeology through research and community projects, offering a variety of lectures and undertaking some legacy work linked to publications. 


I hope to retain my university email for research purposes but in case that doesn't happen my contact email after the end of February will be: contact ….


for details contact Bob Humphrey-Taylor


Kind regards


Norman Redhead BA MCIfA FSA

T: +44(0) 0161 295 5522  /  07952 485216
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