Bob's Mill Diary - May 15, 2012, to volunteers

The work down at Mellor Mill is progressing and lots of exciting things are being discovered about the building and how it worked.  However, we are just not getting sufficient support to really get going this Spring - do come on down and spend a few hours any weekend between 9am and 3pm Saturday or Sunday.  We are now working on the main foundations of the mill and beginning to make sense of the building footprint.  Of course over 100 years things changed and the information we have from paintings and maps is not necessarily the way it all was on the day of the fire.  It is only recently we discovered the use of the area underneath the front staircase as a "day stable for visitors" and there is much more to discover.  We are averaging 3 or 4 volunteers per day each weekend which is poor considering there are over 50 with a registered interest.  If for any reason you are no longer interested please let me know and I will remove you from the mailing list.

Hope to see you soon.