Bob's Mellor Mill Diary

Bob (Robert Humphrey-Taylor) is leading the excavations at Mellor Mill.
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Bob's Mill Diary - Saturday April 20th 2013

Hi All,

Another beautiful day down at Mellor Mill.  We have now got another large area of cobbled frontage exposed thank to the enthusiasm of scouts and leaders from 1/14 Warrington Scout Group. Fantastic effort by a really committed group of young people. We hope you will all come back to complete your Scout Heritage Badge.

More work has been done on the frontage of Mellor Lodge - the archaeology is great you just have to come down and see it.

The Management Team are working hard to get a great bid together for the Stage Two Heritage Lottery Fund Bid which has to be submitted by 28th May.

Do come down and visit us - we are moving on at a pace.

We need a Woodland Management Plan - can anybody help?  Please let me know if you have some experience of writing such a plan.

best wishes,

Bob  20th April 2013

Bob's Mill Diary - April 14/15th week-end 2013

Bob,after well -earned holiday, returned to work at the Mill. Much hard work is now going on behind the scenes with the final stages of the HLF application. Many thanks to Bob for finding the time to write this entry

And here is his eagerly awaited report on the week-end that at last, spring sprung.

We had a wonderful weekend with sunshine, lots of visitors and exceptional numbers of volunteers.  Amazing what a difference a few degrees makes!

We have been busy excavating at the front of Mellor Lodge.  We are helped by a set of drawings of Mellor Lodge by a Mr Dixon.  There are some intriguing features suggested by the drawings but we will have to wait until we have the funding to "dig deeper"!  For now we have uncovered the area below the front door, a section of the right hand front bay and a considerable length of the left front hand bay.

Next weekend will see us conducting a group of scouts from Warrington around the site.

Cast Iron Kettle

Daren bread stencil

 We have a couple of interesting finds, though probably not directly connected with Samuel Oldknow, one is a cast iron kettle (left above) and the other a metal stencil for DAREN Bread (right above).


Daren bread was a brown, but not wholemeal loaf. It was once a well known style of bread and street adverts for it still exist around the country. Often these adverts emphasise the health benefits of this type of bread and also its suitability for invalids. It was a ‘germ’ bread, rich in wheat germ which increased the level of a number of vital nutrients such as vitamin E, folic acid and various trace elements, essential to health.

Bob's Mill Diary - 25th March 2013

Well what a mixed weekend that was.  Saturday was so foul, with temperatures below zero and a wind that cut through Awful Weatheryou like a knife, that we made the decision to abandon the idea of working down at the mill site. 

Saturday 23rd Horrible - no work


However, Sunday though still cold was much better.  The wind wasn't as stiff and temperatures were a tadge above freezing.  So Rachel and Bob got to work on the area where we thought the front door of "Mellor Lodge" would have been.  By the afternoon we had found the inner and outer lintels which spanned the tunnel coming across from the stable block on the other side of the road. Next we managed to break through from the surface into the tunnel - a great day’s work.



Sunday 24th much better - work



  Front Door ThresholdLodge Cellar

Inner (top) and outer lintels over tunnel from

the stables.

The Front door of Mellor Lodge would have been

above these lintels.

Cellar level plan of Mellor Lodge –

we have been working on the front 

semi-circular area, (between those two

parallel lines in the centre at the bottom)


  For clarity a picture of Mellor Lodge. Mellor & Marple Lodges were built by Oldknow for the housing of the Mill Manager (Marple) and himself (Mellor)in 1794. Note semi-circular front.

Pictured sourced, with thanks, from

Mellor Lodge, was demolished in 1949, serving as a girls school in the 1930's, but was then the subject of vandalism.



Bob's Mill Diary - 18th March 2013





We have finally identified the passageway between the Saw Pit and the Mechanic's Shop. It is about 8 feet wide.

This is the last trial trench we will need down at the ancillary buildings. Next is Mellor Lodge to complete all the site trenches.

Picture: The trench is across the passageway. In the foreground is the corner of the Mechanic's shop and across the trench is the corner of the saw pit





 Clay Pipes

Clay Pipes

I was chatting to Rachel yesterday about there being a good chance of finding pieces of clay pipe around the ancillary buildings. And, here we are today with two pieces of stem already. It would be good to find a pipe bowl we can date!

Picture: the sections of clay pipes found

Bob's Mill Diary - 6th March 2013

Come and see what we are doing !

Mellor Mill Tour 2010 The Mellor Mill project enjoys about 200 visitors each weekend. The 'digging volunteers' have found the need to be supported by volunteers willing to be 'Tour Guides' around the site. I would love to hear from any of you who may be interested in becoming a Guide. We currently have 4 trained Guides doing a great job. However, so that we are not asking the same people every weekend, it would be great to have about 8 more.

(photo: A.M.Procter, sourced from Marple Virtual tour,with thanks)

 I will be running Training and Update sessions (for established and budding Guides) on Thursday 7th March at 10.30 am and Friday 15th March at 3 pm. Other Training and Update sessions will be arranged as required in the future.

 If you would like to come along and see what it is all about and how you might help then just turn up, in stout footwear and appropriate clothing, to one of the sessions. If the dates are not convenient please let me know so that an alternative can be organised.

 The Guides are split into 4 half day sessions (two Saturday and two Sunday) with the morning session being 10 am - 1 pm and the afternoon 1 pm - 4 pm. Each Guide is provided with a comprehensive folder of information and images.

Mellor Well Dressing

I pleased to be able to tell you that the theme for this year's Mellor Well Dressing will be Mellor Mill. This will be a great opportunity to promote the industrial heritage of our area to a large number of people. The Well Dressing will take place as part of Mellor Fete on Saturday 29th June. If you Google Mellor Well Dressing 2013 you will see that it is listed on many sites throughout Midlands and North West.

Best wishes to all and if you haven't been down to Mellor Mill for a while you will be in for a big surprise - we are moving on at a pace and work has continued throughout the winter. So even if you have decided the weather isn't quite warm enough for you to continue volunteering do come and have a look and catch up with the action.