Bob's Mill Diary - May 28, 2012, to John Glithero

I have been looking at data which place the output of the Wellington wheel at about 50 HP (I thought I had heard 120 HP) and the total from all 3 wheels at 120 HP. Since the Waterloo is smaller than the Wellington - say 35 HP - then that would bring in the corn mill one in at about 35 HP. This falls in nicely with John's (Riley) observations about the size of the corn mill tail race. We also need to ask why the corn mill wheel house was widened so that it later was contiguous with the gable of the mill. Was that a modification to put in a larger wheel? We don't seem to know the date of the corn mill only that it was different in that it was stone built. Could it have pre-dated Mellor mill? Later modified? Post dated the mill? Change of use from flour for bread to flour to be used as size for weavers - it was on the flood plain of the Goyt a great place to grow corn? Enough I'll leave you with that for now. Send me your thoughts please.