Bob's Mill Diary - May 31, 2012, to John Riley

John Riley had e-mailed: There was no road from Bottom's Hall to Marple Bridge until after 1867. [Burdett's 1791 map shows a road that appears to cross the site of the mill – jh]  Any Mill on the site was accessed via a dead end road from the Hall. Studying the photo of the 'Corn Mill ' and allowing for foreshortening the south elevation is clearly not symmetrical this fact and that of the location of the chimney on plan, which  is extremely unusual, suggests the building had been modified at one end. Striking a line parallel with the eastern gable from the chimney/ridge down and an extension of the eaves gives a notional corner for the Mill , which would make  a symmetrical elevation. Was this the elevation before an alteration to accommodate the new road between the Bridge, the Mill yard and Bottom's Hall?

I also note that there is a doorway, in the centre of that elevation, which has been partly built up in stone to leave a window.  To access that doorway would require a flight of steps - were they removed to make way for the "new" road?

Also I have asked John H. if he would send me an electronic copy of the 2009 Salford report since we seem to need to dip into it so often as these questions arise. Richard, who is now excavating the Waterloo to Mellor Mill tunnel entrance will be most interested to read the Derbyshire cavers report which is comprehensive in their explorations of various tunnels.  The infill he has encountered is clearly one of the manhole access points and maybe within the western promontory of the building.  I am down on site tomorrow to clear spoil heaps so that we can make progress this weekend.  Whilst I have a digger at my disposal (only tomorrow - Friday) is there anywhere you would like me to investigate?

Are you going to pop down this weekend?