2012 Excavations at Shaw Cairn

Shaw Cairn Dig 2012

Dr Bob Johnston and students from Sheffield University again joined MAT volunteers for a two-week dig at Shaw Cairn in July 2012. The weather was against them. Some days were a washout. The trial trenches in the adjoining fields in the 2011 dig had yielded interesting finds. The plan was to dig more but it could not be carried out because the grass, which is usually cut in May or June, was still uncut. Trial trenches were dug in areas around the cairn, but the results were not spectacular. One possible subsidiary cairn could not be excavated because a bird was nesting on it! A report on the excavations will be added to the website in due course.

Bob is convinced of the importance of the site. It is hoped that there can be a bigger digs starting in 2013 with students from both Sheffield and Manchester Universities. The big questions are what took place in the areas around the cairn and, further afield, where did the people live during the Bronze Age.